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Dr. Reiter is Professor of Urology and Director of UCLA's Prostate Cancer Treatment and Research Program. He is a board certified, fellowship trained  urologic oncologist specializing in the management of prostate, bladder and kidney cancers, as well as benign prostate hyperplasia. His practice is recognized for its expertise in robotic prostatectomy, robotic cystectomy (for bladder cancer), continent urinary diversion, brachytherapy (for prostate cancer) and greenlight laser (for BPH).

This website describes Dr. Reiter's background, practice, experience and outcomes. It provides extensive background on the diseases Dr. Reiter treats and the techniques used. Because medicine and science are evolving rapidly, Dr. Reiter has started a blog to provide updates on important topics in prostate and other cancers, to provide opinions on new press releases, and to provide his own opinions based on day to day experience in the office, operating room, laboratory, and meetings.

I hope you will find this site informative and educational and welcome your feedback.

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