Robert Reiter, MD Robert Reiter, MD


Research & Clinical Interests    

Translational research, including looking at the molecular and scientific basis for disease
Clinical trials targeted at high-risk cancer patientsᆳᆳ
New treatments for BPH
Eary stage, high-risk and advanced Prostate cancer
Bladder cancer

Active Funded Peer-Reviewed Research Grants

1. American Cancer Society Research Scholar Grant    1/02-1/06
Title: Prostate stem cell antigen: Target for antibody therapy of prostate cancer
Princicpal Investigator: Robert E. Reiter

2. National Cancer Institute Specialized Program of Research Excellence

(Principal Investigator: Jean B. deKemion, M.D.
Co-Principal Investigators: Robert E. Reiter. Charles L. Sawyers and
Robert Elashoff

Project 1: Preclinical and Clinical Studies of Prostate Stem Cell Antigen Monoclonal Antibodies
ᆳ Principal Investigator: Robert E. Reiter. M.D.
3. Department of Defense Army Research Grants  2/02-2/05  
Title: Mechanisms and Refinements of PSCA Directed Antibody Therapy
Principal Investigator: Robert E. Reiter, M.D.

4. Department of Defense Army Research Grants  7/01-6/04
Title: Prostate Stem Cell Antigen: A Promising Prognostic Marker in Prostate Cancer
Principal Investigator: Robert E. Reiter. M.D.

5. Department of Defense Army Research Grants 1/03-12/05

Principal Investigor:  Robert E. Reiter, M.D.

Title: A PSCA Promoter Based Avian Retroviral (TVA) Transgenic Model for the Study of Normal and Malignant Prostate Disease
6. National Institutes of Health-Program Project Grant  9/99-9/04

Title: Mouse Models of Prostate Cancer Principal Investigator. Charles Sawyers.M.D.
Co-Investigator and Leader of Project 4: Robert E. Reiter

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